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The digital publication of ARTIGRAF, S.A. de C.V. (Inc.), hereinafter "ARTIGRAF", has the purpose of facilitating its clients and the public in general, the information relating to the company, as well as the products and services that are offered. ARTIGRAF reserves the faculty of performing, at anytime, changes on the information included within its digital publication, as well as the faculty of restricting its access at anytime without notice. Notwithstanding the foregoing, ARTIGRAF does not commit to upgrade immediately the information included in its digital publication. ARTIGRAF will not be responsible, by any means, of any given person nor of any damage, direct, indirect or consistent with, as a result of any use given to this website; including, but not limited to, any loss of programs or other data contained within an information management system and others, even if we have been expressly warned about such damages.

ARTIGRAF is the owner of all the rights on the software of the digital publication, as well as the rights owner of all the industry and intellectual property related to the contents therein included; therefore, no material belonging to the digital publication can be reproduced, copied or published, completely or partially, without the previous written consent of this company. All the information provided to this webpage, such as comments, suggestions or opinions will be considered as ceded to ARTIGRAF, free of charge. We warn you to not send information that can be treated in this way.

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The use of the portal expresses the total alignment of the user, with no prerogatives, to the present Terms and Conditions of Use and Privacy. ARTIGRAF will have the right of denying, restricting or conditioning the access to the portal, completely or partially, at its entire discretion; also, for modifying the information published in the portal at any time without notice. ARTIGRAF does not guarantee the operation availability and continuity of the portal, thus not being responsible of any kind of damage or loss that could be caused due to the lack of availability or continuity in the portal operation.


The user does not acquire any right of intellectual property by the single use of the portal; therefore, such use will never be considered as an authorization or license for using, disclosing, publishing, reproducing, distributing and/or transforming, completely or partially, the information contained within the portal, without the previous written authorization of ARTIGRAF.


The user does not have the right for posting hyperlinks from and to the portal, nor the right of placing or using the information of the portal in own or third party websites or webpages, without previous written authorization of ARTIGRAF. Also, the user does not have the right of limiting or avoiding any other user the use of the portal.


ARTIGRAF has the liability of keeping the strictest confidentiality over the information that receives from the user, in accordance with the legal dispositions of the Country.


By using the portal, the user authorizes ARTIGRAF to use, publish, reproduce, disclose, publicly communicate and transmit the no confidential information, in terms of what is established on the Article 109 of the Copyright Federal Law.


At any moment, the user is the sole and final responsible of keeping the secrecy of its personal passwords and access codes numbers that give access to the information of the portal.


ARTIGRAF have the right of modifying at anytime the Terms and Conditions of Use and Privacy. In consequence, the user should read carefully the Terms and Conditions of Use and Privacy every time the user has the intention of using the portal.


In order to interpret, comply and execute the Terms and Conditions of Use and Privacy here established, the parties agree that the applicable laws of the Tribunals of Monterrey, Nuevo León, will be applied; thus expressly giving up any other regional laws or jurisdiction that might be correspondent in relation with their current or future addresses.

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